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Empowered. Authentic. Daring.

You are passionate about making a difference, but changing the world is hard work. 

One Eleven Leadership can help.

Hi, I'm glad you're here.

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I am Marissa Lifshen Steinberger, a certified leadership coach and skilled facilitator with an advanced degree in counseling and a deep commitment to equity and inclusion. I founded One Eleven Leadership to provide customized support to mission-driven individuals, leaders, and teams to elevate professional impact and enhance personal fulfillment.

With more than 20 years of experience in the education, foundation, and non-profit sectors, I understand the unique challenges you are facing and know that there's another way. My passion is helping to unlock the potential that will allow you, your team, and your organization to transform. 


For Organizations and Teams

You may have endured significant transitions and are looking for meaningful opportunities to reimagine how folks connect with one another and the mission.

You likely have talented members of your team with compelling ideas, emerging skills, and valuable assets that you want to nurture and grow.

You might be thinking about organizational culture in a new way and looking for resources to support your staff, board, and/or volunteers in charting the path forward. 

You know that investing in people is the best way to reduce burnout and maximize impact.

For Individuals

You may feel paralyzed by the push and pull of your personal and professional obligations, recognize that it's not sustainable, but are unclear on what is going to give. 

You likely are juggling multiple responsibilities, constantly being stretched thin, and feeling increasingly exhausted and overwhelmed. ​​

​You might be in the midst or on the verge of a transition and could benefit from support as you navigate next steps. 


You know that you need to make a change,

but don't know even where to start. 

What Clients Are Saying

Non-Profit Program Director,

I loved that she pointed out how she modeled so much - taking responsibility, reading the room, giving examples from her own experiences, and a true appreciation for our work. I felt like each session built on elements of the other sessions and she was clear on how they were related. Her presentation was effective, clear, and concise.

Diversity, Equity, and Belonging Strategist and Speaker, California

Marissa has been a gift. She has a keen ability to summarize my ramblings and ask insightful and deep questions. My primary goal was to clarify my own values at a professional level and throughout this process, Marissa helped me realize that my personal values and my ability to trust myself are more important than any values I could espouse for my professional work. It's helped me feel a sense of ease and do some deep core work.

Head of School,


With clearly articulated facilitation design, Marissa graciously and confidently assessed our staff community. She then moved us through a process that both stimulated our curiosity and opened us up to new thoughts and horizons. Through this process, we reflected on past experiences and shifted towards an openness for what is to come.

Blog: I'm Just One-dering

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Let's Connect

You won't see any pre-set packages or flashy sales pitches on my website because that's just not who I am. I would rather have a conversation, understand your unique needs, answer your questions, and make sure we are a good fit, which is why I offer a complimentary consultation. 


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(202) 743-1251


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